Global Studies Major

Students! Please remember when consulting the course idea list the following:

  • Students must work with advisors to determine whether courses on this list will work with the student’s Major Plan of Study.
  • Courses should be considered as OPTIONS for students to consider with an advisor. Each student must be able to articulate why the courses they have selected will fit into his/her thematic area or area studies.
  • All substitutions to your Major/Minor Plan of Study must be approved by an advisor.

Global Studies majors develop the interdisciplinary knowledge and intercultural skills necessary to analyze and solve contemporary world problems. Global Studies majors are able to:

  • combine the theories and methods of multiple social science disciplines to view the most pressing global issues from a variety of perspectives;
  • utilize advanced language and cultural skills to work professionally with diverse groups of people; and
  • develop specialized skills and expertise to address global challenges that suit their strengths and interests.

The Global Studies major fosters respect for diverse ways of living and commitment to sustainability. The competencies established through the Global Studies major prepare students for careers in business, communications, education, immigration, international affairs, law, public health, and sustainable development, among other areas.