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The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and European Union Center are proud to offer the option of a 5-year program for a Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Science (120 hours) and a Master of Arts degree in European Union Studies (36 hours). This opportunity offers current undergraduate students interested in pursuing an MA in European Union Studies (MAEUS) an accelerated path, with the opportunity to complete both programs of study quickly while still meeting the same requirements as students who pursue a traditional two-year course of study.

In consultation with a student's department undergraduate advisor and EUC graduate advisor, this accelerated path program can be paired with a BALAS degree in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Why a 5 year BA/MA? 

This program has been set up to be beneficial for students who pursue this accelerated pathway. By begining to satisfy the requirements for a Master's degree as undergraduate students, those enrolled in this five year program will be able to receive their MA with one additional year of education (instead of two, with a more traditional program). Other benefits include broadened opportunities for advanced language and international learning, as well as study abroad opportunities during undergraduate and graduate degrees. 


Students can apply for this program when they have 60 hours of credit. For students, this usually means applying in their sophomore or junior year. 

Additionally, to be eligible for enrollment, all students must have: 

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • A major GPA of 3.0 or greater

European Union Center staff, working in consultation with the undergraduate advisor of the student's BA department, will determine if a student is in good academic standing and has mad sufficient progress towards their undergraduate degree. An application essay will also be required before admittance. Students will be expected to keep their GPA at or above these minimum levels up until they begin as MA student, after which they will be subject to the expectations of the graduate school. 

Admitted students will need to have completed nearly all of their undergraduate level courses by the end of their third year. In the fall semester of the fourth year, students will start core courses for the MA in EU Studies. The maximum guaranteed amount of graduate credits that can be transferred from undergraduate credits is twelve. 

NOTE: The GRE exam is NOT required for admittance into the 5 year BA/MA program. 


Requirements for this degree program are identical for those for the stand-alone BA and for the stand-alone MAEUS. This program does not alter any credit-based requirements for any existing degree. Students must have at least 120 hours of credit for their undergraduate BA program. And students will need at least 36 hours of credit for their MAEUS. Students are allowed to transfer less than twelve credit hours, but those who do so cannot be guaranteed that their MA degree will be completed in one year. 

The 5-Year BA/MA requirements for the European Union Center are: 

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  • Students must take EURO 501 and 502
  • Students must meet a language requirement by demonstrating proficiency in a language of the European Union (not English), at the third-year level. 7 of these third-year or advanced, languages can be used in completing the MA hours requirement
  • At least two substantial research papers on European Union topics during courses that are relevant to the student's professional orientation. 
  • Coursework must come from at least three different academic units
  • No more than 12 hours may be credited for MA-equivalent study abroad courses
  • No more than 8 hours for internship placement may be credited
  • Minimum GPA for MAEUS related courses must be: 2.75

The MAEUS is a flexible degree that can be completed with or without a thesis. If a student decides to complete a thesis, the student must complete EURO 599: Thesis Research. The minimum of hours is 0 and the maximum of hours is 8. The number of hours for this course is counted towards the degree. 

Degree Awarding: 

Students will receive their degrees when their individual requirements are met. The BA and MA degrees associated with this program will be conferred separately and independently. 

Click here to see a sample track for the BA/MA program.

If you are interested in this program, please contact the LAS Global Studies office at 217-333-0178 or at  You can also contact the European Union Center at