Students interested in transferring to the University of Illinois from another college or university should become familiar with the College of Liberal Arts and Science’s Transfer Handbook. Because the Global Studies major has very specific requirements for graduation, prospective transfer applicants should familiarize themselves with these requirements and consider their ability to meet them. For example, due to the study abroad requirement we recommend that you transfer in with 45 credit hours or fewer so that you can meet UIUC residency requirements and still graduate on time.

You should also make substantial progress towards acquisition of a non-primary language prior to your admission. We require that you complete either three years of high school language or two semesters of college level language in a non-primary language other than English prior to your admission. Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to have completed the College of LAS language requirement prior to admission. This consists of four years of high school language courses in a language other than English or four semesters of college-level language in a language other than English.

Many students who transfer into Global Studies have taken courses that transfer to Illinois as Global Studies Social Science Core Courses (Interdisciplinary Foundations). Some students have taken introductory courses directly related to their geographic region of interest or their thematic area of interest.

Students curious about how courses they take at another institution will transfer to Illinois should see

Transfer students with a record of strong academic performance should nominate themselves to the LAS Honors Program. Potential candidates must have a transfer GPA of 3.5 and must have successfully participated in an honors program at their previous institution. Students must apply during the first two weeks of the semester. Benefits of the LAS Honors program include access to research opportunities, early registration privileges, and recognition at graduation.

Transfer admitted students to LAS Global Studies beginning Fall 2023 click here.