The Certificate in Global Social Sciences Research is open to all undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

cert research

The Certificate in Global Social Sciences Research offers an interdisciplinary program of study in the social sciences focused on research experience. Students will gain fundamental skills for understanding and assessing global to local scale processes with guidance from faculty within the LAS Global Studies Program, as well as faculty whom the students choose from across the University.

This course of study emphasizes:

  • Research proposal development, including literature reviews and research questions
  • A broad range of methodological tools, aimed at providing students with the tools necessary to answer targeted research questions about their chosen topic
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis of primary or secondary data, and appropriate ways of answering research questions with those data

The Certificate in Global Social Sciences Research provides a credential to students that demonstrates their competency in interdisciplinary approaches to research. Such skills are valued by a range of organizations including governmental and non-governmental organizations, consulting firms, philanthropic organizations, social enterprises, private sector firms, and educational institutions.

Students must complete 14 hours of course work that includes three Global Studies core courses focused on research methods, practice, and write-up. In addition, students must complete two elective courses chosen to deepen each student’s understanding of their research topic and to build relationships with faculty mentors.

Students must complete 14 hours of course work that includes:

All students pursuing the Certificate in Global Health must meet with a Global Studies advisor to discuss their options. You will also be required to submit a Certificate Plan of Study. 

For more information contact the LAS Global Studies Office at 217-333-0178 or