Through the Internship option you will secure an academic internship which complements your global studies interests in a setting of your choosing including, but not limited to, non-governmental organizations, community groups, government agencies, and think tanks. You will learn through this professional work experience how to apply content and skills you have honed as a Global Studies major and make observations about the challenges and opportunities which face global studies-focused professionals. You will build skills in leadership, collaboration, and professionalism that prepare you to work in a variety of contexts or pursue a graduate degree. Before the internship you will take GLBL 199 to learn how to prepare application materials, conduct informational interviews, participate in mock job interviews, explore networking strategies, and create a career narrative that represents your academic interests and skills.

For this Capstone Option, you will successfully complete:

GLBL 225: Career Development: Internship (1 credit)

Students in the Internship Capstone must also take one of the following courses for a letter grade and complete an internship:

*PS 491 six credits if taken in Washington, DC through IL in Washington.

**LAS 3-- is used for internship courses affiliated with study abroad programs (IFE, MSID)

Upon successful completion of all requirements, you will receive a letter from LAS Global Studies certifying your completion of this track. For internship ideas students are encouraged to consult the Career Prep page. This will not be listed on your official transcript.