Through the Faculty Research Assistance option you will work directly with a professor in any department to assist them with their professional academic research. This may involve such tasks as working in a lab, collecting field data, managing databases, or gathering bibliographic information, among others. You will learn through immersion how a professional research project functions, and how expert knowledge is developed, tested, and publicized. You will build skills in research, collaboration, and professionalism that prepare you to work in a variety of contexts or to pursue a graduate degree. You will also network with professors and graduate students in your area of specialization.

For this Capstone Option, you will successfully complete:

GLBL 200: Foundations of Research (3 credits)

GLBL 492: Undergraduate Research Assistance (3-6 credits)

Upon successful completion of all requirements, you will receive a letter from LAS Global Studies certifying your completion of this track. This will not be listed on your official transcript.

Procedures for Designation and Approval of Research Project