A distinction project is, in the most basic sense, an independent research paper (approximately 50 pages in length) that you produce as a capstone for your degree. As part of this process you will build your content knowledge (by reviewing the literature), learn the basics of research design (through the proposal process), and gain valuable experience in assembling data, applying research methodologies, and in formal academic writing. Successful completion of the distinction project will require organization, discipline, and planning on your part.

For this Capstone Option, you will successfully complete:

GLBL 200: Foundations of Research (3 credits)

GLBL 494: Research Methods I (1 credits)

LAS 494: Senior Project (2 credits)

And, optionally, take

GLBL 495: Research Methods II (1 credit)

Upon successful completion of all requirements, you will be eligible to graduate with Distinction, which will be listed on your official transcript.

Example Distinction Projects

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