The Catherine C. and Bruce A. Bastian Scholarship

The Catherine C. and Bruce A. Bastian Scholarship fund was established to increase students' awareness of and involvement in international activities. The study abroad scholarship funds are designated in part to support Global Studies majors who study abroad on a University of Illinois-sponsored or affiliated program to fulfill the requirement for their major. Scholarships up to $1,000 are available for fall or spring semesters. Funds are credited to the student's University of Illinois account in the term that their required study abroad occurs.

Application Deadlines:

The deadline for Spring 2022 application is Friday, November 5th.  Applications are now open!

Download the application.

Fall 2019 Recipients
Hildegard Luijten - Mexico City, Mexico
Angela Lee - National Taiwan U, Taiwan
Gwyneth Dixon - Bilbao, Spain
Jaelyn Brown - National Taiway U, Taiwan

Spring 2019 Recipients
Ashli Drummond - Dakar, Senegal
Melissa Lechuga De La Cruz - Bologna, Italy
Priya Vaikuntapathi - Khon Kaen, Thailand
Paisley Ann Meyer - Vienna, Austria
Robert Ware - Latin America
Olimpia Rodriguez - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Szymon Kaminski - Bilbao, Spain

Fall 2018 Recipients 
Misha Ahmad - Morocco, North Africa
Asya Evans - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Matea Larrieu - Costa Rica
Yuanyuan Ji - Belgium

Spring 2018 Recipients 
Sarah Follmer - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Karol Funez - Milan, Italy
Kara Kilpatrick - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Lesly Marroquin - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kiya Raines - Granada, Spain
Amelia Reggi - Bologna, Italy
Haley Ventura - Bilbao, Spain
Robert Ware - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Past Recipients

The recipients are all participating in study abroad programs in which they will take courses with local students or live with local families/students, and thus maximize their target language and culture learning opportunities. The recipients have also demonstrated a strong commitment to international activities on campus. Please join us in congratulating these Global Studies majors.