Overview: This thematic area in LAS Global Studies is ideal for students who wish to study world security and global governance in a holistic fashion. Students of GCR adopt an interdisciplinary perspective of approaching international relations, conflict and security, diplomacy and conflict resolution and global peace; instead of relying on a single academic discipline to build their knowledge base. Students in GCR benefit from adopting an open-minded attitude towards global governance, and realize the importance of multiple actors and agencies to solve world problems. The ability to develop skills of logic, diplomacy, negotiation, conflict management and politics from the point of view of multiple actors is a crucial skill to survive in a multilateral world.

Coursework example: A student in GCR may choose to study nuclear security as a topic of specialization. This could be done by taking classes in physics, political science, history and philosophy. For a student interested in studying conflict management however, classes in sociology, political science, law and geography might be viable options. Students in GCR thematic area are strongly recommended to take our gateway course GLBL 220: Governance. There are several course options for this thematic area, which can be found in the current recommended course list.

Possible career paths: Some possible career paths for students of GCR include politics, law, international organizations such as the United Nations, conflict management NGOs, research organizations, public policy, news media outlets and policy implementation etc. For more information, visit the career prep section.