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Study Abroad Program (Minimum of 12 Hours)*

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Global Studies majors will complete a semester-long study abroad program (Fall or Spring) in the region of the student's area studies for the major on a program that corresponds with the student's language studies or thematic area topic. Students will select from available courses at their host institution, which could include language, culture or thematic area courses. (Note: If students participate in a THEMATIC-focused Study Abroad Program a minimum of nine hours of the coursework taken abroad must count towards your THEMATIC AREA.) You will meet with an advisor to have your intended courses abroad approve to ensure that they will fulfill major requirements upon your return.

We at LAS Global Studies view study abroad as an opportunity for students to develop professionally and personally through both formal and informal learning experiences. Through study abroad you will develop skills, knowledge, and values that prepare you to:

  • Adapt and function in a different culture
  • Communicate effectively in multilingual academic, professional, and social contexts
  • Listen to, and articulate, diverse local perspectives on global issues
  • Interact confidently and respectfully with diverse populations
  • Navigate independently the challenges of unfamiliar surroundings and unexpected situations

Our majors typically find that the most challenging study abroad options are the most rewarding. Ideally, students will seek out a study abroad program that provides the most immersive, least familiar experience possible and that pushes them beyond their comfort zone to become truly global citizens.

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Please note that study abroad programs typically require a GPA of at least 2.75 and an insufficient GPA may preclude study abroad. You are encouraged to discuss options and concerns with your academic advisor prior to applying to any programs and to use the resources available through the campus Study Abroad Office to locate options. For a searchable list of potential study abroad programs, see here. Global Studies also recommends that you complete this worksheet before you visit the Study Abroad Office in order to aid your program selection.