As has been stressed, the customized nature of this major makes it essential that you meet with an advisor on a regular basis. The responsibility for your success rests with you, the student, to exercise intentionality in your planning and to utilize the resources the campus and Global Studies advising staff have to offer during your time at Illinois.  This website has a lot of resources to assist students in completing the major and our advising staff is always happy to meet with you.

The College of LAS takes the lead on graduation. In order to graduate, students must notify the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of your intent. This is done at the same time that you register for your final semester of classes using the student registration system. Please note, indicating your intent to graduate does not automatically register you for the commencement and convocation ceremonies. To participate, you must register.  For more information about notifying the college of your intent to graduate and registering for commencement and convocation ceremonies please consult the graduation website for LAS.

Please note that LAS Global Studies strongly discourages students from studying abroad the same semester you intend to graduate due to the amount of time it takes for your grades from abroad to transfer back to Illinois. Please meet with an advisor if you have any questions about this recommendation.

Spring 2024 Graduation Information!

Click here for additional graduation information and to register for spring 2024 convocation.