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Michelle (Miyon) Kim

Sales and Operations Assistant Manager

Major: International Studies, Graduated 2010

Languages:  Korean & Japanese

Quote: "As a Sales & Operations Assistant Manager, my current role is to lead projects including a North American system integration project to bring operational kaizen to the company Kubota Engine America. When I was at U of I, I took business classes to count towards Global Business Culture Certificate and engaged in language courses including Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin. While in college and after graduation, I had difficulties finding my career path but continued to do what I excelled at – selling technical and nontechnical products to customers in the language of my proficiency: Korean, Japanese and English. Other languages I had studied were a plus. They allowed me to connect with broader audience and do the things I love – cultivate friendships and customer base all across the globe while increasing sales. Dear new class of GS and potential GS students, when studying more about the world, be sure to learn the art of influence at the same time. Hard skills and knowledge give you the baseline for success but it is the influential skills that will help you to go to places you couldn’t imagine before. "