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Michael Henry

Associate Consultant (Business Analyst) with Appirio, Inc.

Major: Global Studies; Graduated May 2013
Language: Japanese
Area Focus: East Asia
Study Abroad City, Country, Program: Kobe, Japan; Year-In-Japan Program
Thematic Area:  Conflict Resolution & Policy Development

One of the most useful aspects of the Global Studies Program is the exposure to and development of the core skills necessary to thrive in any industry: Clear and articulate communication, critical and analytical thinking, ability to work well with diverse groups, and balance of difficult workloads.  The Program innately emphasizes these, whether it be through regular on-campus courses or study abroad programs.  As a consultant in the tech industry, I work with clients from a plethora of backgrounds and experiences all over the world (for example, during my last project, I had dealings with teams in Boston, Jaipur, and Berlin). Thanks to my time as a GS major, maneuvering cultural differences, whether subtle or overt, and articulating thoughts and ideas was made easy!

I was drawn to my career as result of what I hope to ultimately accomplish in life: My goal is to make the world a more efficient place. I want every company, business, and organization I touch to become better and faster at what they do.  There are many different avenues through which this may be accomplished, but with the power of cloud computing is where I have chosen to begin.  By helping groups understand their current state, re-engineer their processes, and architect their data in a more organized way, we have seen and will continue to see the positive, tangible impacts in multiple industries.

Don’t hold back. The Global Studies Program is world-class and able to prepare you for life outside of Urbana-Champaign. However, ultimately, it is you who will determine where you go. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a diplomat, teacher, activist, journalist, analyst, or world’s next savior. The real world recognizes those who refuse to accept “good,” those who say that 110% effort is not enough, those who are not afraid to put in the hours to network and build new connections, and those who stand up for what they believe in.  You want to accomplish something, so go do it. Don’t hold back.