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Dr. Madhubalan Viswanathan

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Contact Information

Business Admin
61 Wohlers
1206 S Sixth
M/C 706
Champaign, IL 61820

Additional Campus Affiliations

Research Professor, Business Administration

Recent Publications

Sinha, G. R., Viswanathan, M., & Larrison, C. R. (2024). Student loan debt and mental health: a comprehensive review of scholarly literature from 1900 to 2019. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work (United States), 21(3), 363-393.

Echambadi, R., Saiyed, A., Scagnoli, N. I., & Viswanathan, M. (2022). Launching an Online Business Program at Scale: A Retrospective Case Study of Disruptive Innovation Before the Pandemic. Journal of Management Education, 46(4), 751-777.

Machin, J. E., Brister, T., Bossarte, R. M., Drenten, J., Hill, R. P., Holland, D. L., Martik, M., Viswanathan, M., Yeh, M. A., Mirabito, A. M., Rapp Farrell, J., Crosby, E., & Ross Adkins, N. (2022). Conversations about conducting marketing research in mental health. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 39(6), 569-578.

Ray, W. C., Rajab, A., Alexander, H., Chmil, B., Rumpf, R. W., Thakkar, R., Viswanathan, M., & Fabia, R. (2022). A 1% TBSA Chart Reduces Math Errors While Retaining Acceptable First-Estimate Accuracy. Journal of Burn Care and Research, 43(3), 665-678.

Shultz, C., Hoek, J., Lee, L., Leong, W. Y., Srinivasan, R., Viswanathan, M., & Wertenbroch, K. (2022). JPP&M's Global Perspective and Impact: An Agenda for Research on Marketing and Public Policy. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, 41(1), 34-50.

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