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Jerome L Packard

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Contact Information

E Asian Languages & Cultures 2030 FLB 707 S Mathews U of Illinois Urbana, IL

Office Hours

Tuesday 1-2, Wednesday 1-2


Jerome Packard specializes in Chinese word structure, Chinese psycholinguistics, and Chinese language learning.  Professor Packard  has performed research on Chinese aphasia and dyslexia, the first-language acquisition of Chinese, and the acquisition of Chinese as a second language.  Dr. Packard is the author of numerous publications on the Chinese language, including the books New Approaches to Chinese Word FormationThe Morphology of Chinese and Chinese Children's Reading Acquisition (with W. Li and J. Gaffney).  Dr. Packard is also a contributor to Huang, C. and Shi, D. (Eds.). The Cambridge Grammar of the Chinese Language,and Wang, W. S-Y. and Sun, C. (Eds.). The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Linguistics.

Research Interests

Chinese word structure, Chinese psycholinguistics, and Chinese language learning

Research Description

Professor Packard has performed research on Chinese aphasia and dyslexia, the first-language acquisition of Chinese, and the acquisition of Chinese as a second language.


BA Chinese Language and Literature, University of Massachusetts (1976)
MA Linguistics, Cornell University (1982)
PhD Linguistics, Cornell University (1984)


10/02 ‘English Sentence Processing in Chinese Speakers of English as a Second Language’. UIUC Research Board ($14,391)
9/04 ‘The Effect of Orthographic Density on Word Reading Speed in Chinese’. UIUC Research Board ($7,407)
12/04 ‘ERP Correlates of Sentence Processing in Mandarin’. UIUC Research Board ($7,715)
12/06 Co-principal investigator (with Hiroko Yamashita and Yuki Hirose) NSF Conference Grant for International Conference on Head-final Structures ($17,915), convened at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, September, 2007)
3/10 ‘The Processing of Complex Structures by Second-language Learners’. UIUC Research Board ($20,350)
5/10 Higher Education Partner, US Department of Education Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant awarded to Barrington 220 School District, Barrington Illinois. ($1,500,000)
5/12 ‘Neurophysiological Evidence of Gaps in Relative Clauses’. UIUC Research Board ($9,470)

Courses Taught

Intermediate Chinese
The Chinese Language
Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
East Asian Language Pedagogy
History of the Chinese Language
Morphology of Chinese
Topics in Chinese Linguistics
Chinese Grammar and Orthography

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor Emeritus, East Asian Languages and Cultures

Honors & Awards

2/05 Faculty Research Exchange Fellow, UIUC/Peking University Exchange Program
6//05 Keynote Lecture, Thirteenth International Conference on Chinese Linguistics, Leiden, The Netherlands
5/12 Faculty Research Exchange Fellow, Center for Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University

Recent Publications

Qian, Z., & Packard, J. (2022). Processing Gapped and Gapless Relative Clauses in Mandarin: Evidence from Event–Related Brain Potentials. Languages, 7(4), [254].

Zheng, H., Bowles, M. A., & Packard, J. L. (2022). NS and NNS processing of idioms and nonidiom formulaic sequences: What can reaction times and think-alouds tell us? Applied Psycholinguistics, 43(2), 363-388.

Packard, J. L. (2021). A Social View on the Chinese Language. Peter Lang Publishing.

Zou, L., Packard, J. L., Xia, Z., Liu, Y., & Shu, H. (2019). Morphological and whole-word semantic processing are distinct: Event related potentials evidence from spoken word recognition in chinese. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 13, [133].

Kim, S. A., Packard, J., Christianson, K., Anderson, R. C., & Shin, J. A. (2016). Orthographic consistency and individual learner differences in second language literacy acquisition. Reading and Writing, 29(7), 1409-1434.

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