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 Carla Santos

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Research and Professional Interests

Dr. Santos is the co-director of the Tourism Lab for Economic and Social Behavior Research. She serves on the editorial boards of Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Culture and Communication, and the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Her research program is focused on the examination of communicative practices (from mass mediated narratives to the face-to-face dyad) as a means of addressing the socio-political and cultural impact of tourism on the world's people and cultures.

Research InterestsSocio-cultural and political aspects of tourism.The personalized worlds of experience guided by tourism representations.The ideological forces that shape and organize tourism representations.


  • Ph.D., Mass Communications, Pennsylvania State University, 2002


  • RST 330 - Leisure and Consumer Culture
  • RST 351 Social and Cultural Aspects of Tourism development
  • RST 530 Critical Issues in Tourism

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Authenticity issues in urban tourism: Concepts and implications Korean Journal of Tourism Studies 24 3 2012.
The Bridge on the River Elbe: Heritage in a Modern City Annals of Tourism Research 39 1 2012.
Volunteer Tourism: On-The-Ground Observations from Rwanda Tourism Management 33 1 2012.
Orientalism in American Travel Writing about Korea Korean Journal of Tourism Studies, 23 2 2011.
Processing Promotional Travel Narratives Tourism Management 32 3 2011.
Genealogical Tourism: A Phenomenological Examination . Journal of Travel Research 49 1 2010.
Re-positioning Chinese Tourism Media Studies: A Socio-Cultural Perspective Journal of China Tourism Research 6 2 2010.
Grace, Yan, and Carla Santos “China, Forever”: Tourism Discourse and Self-Orientalism Annals of Tourism Research 36 2009, p. 295-316.
Caton, Kellee, and Carla Santos Images of the Other: Selling Study Abroad in a Postcolonial World. Journal of Travel Research 2009.
Santos, Carla, and Grace Yan Representational Politics in Chinatoen Annals of Tourism Research 35 4 2008, p. 879-899.
santos, carla Tourism as Science and Science as Tourism: Imagining, Experiencing, and Portraying Environment, Society, Self, and Other in Papua New Guinea. A Commentary. Current Anthropology, 49 4 2008, p. 616.

Book Contributions

Orientalism in American Travel Writing about Korea Korean Culture and Orientalism Orientalism in American Travel Writing about Korea Seoul Bogosa 2012.
Bowen, with S Quality Tourism Experiences? State of knowledge: Mass media and its relationship to perceptions of quality. edited by G. Jennings, edited by N. Nickerson. Quality Tourism Experiences? Edited by G. Jennings, Edited by N. Nickerson, Oxford Butterworth Heinemann. 2005, p. 23-37.