Why Global Studies


The Global Studies major accepts both Freshmen and transfer students. Come join us if you're ready for an exciting and challenging individualized major with unlimited possibilities.


The interdisciplinary program in global studies is ideal for motivated, independent learners who want to succeed in a global workplace. We’ll help you develop critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills. Employers see these as crucial to career readiness. By learning languages and studying abroad, you’ll enter the job market with unparalleled cultural competencies and professional work ethic.

How does global studies stand out?

Our students choose from a variety of intellectually stimulating classes across  the campus. Our academic advisors focus on your professional goals find ways to prepare you, both in and beyond the classroom. We offer small classes, which provide personal attention from instructors. We recommend undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities – as a result, you’ll stand out among your peers.

What opportunities await you?

As a global studies major, you will engage in hands-on learning by conducting research with world-class faculty, writing your own undergraduate thesis, or interning. Our majors often earn Foreign Languages & Area Study Scholarships, Boren Scholarships, and Fulbright Scholarships.

Director's Welcome

  • Student Spotlight: Emily Smith

    My best advice is to travel as much as possible. I never would have imagined my life at age 20 traveling to 14 countries to 25 cities. My world view has changed forever and I owe this to the cites I saw, the cuisine I ate, and the friendships I made for the rest of my life. My photos do not give...