Dr Ezekiel Kalipeni Ph.D.

Research Interests

  • Medical Geography, Population Issues (fertility, mortality and migration), Environmental Issues, Sub-Saharan Africa


  • B.Soc.Sc. 1979, University of Malawi
  • MA, 1982, Department of Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Ph.D., Department of Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • Geog 101: Geography of Developing Countries
  • Geog 204: Cities of the World
  • Geog 384: Population Geography
  • Geog 455: Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Moise, Imelda K, and Ezekiel Kalipeni Applications of Geospatial Analysis to Surveillance Data: A Spatial examination of HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Zambia GeoJournal 74 4 2012, p. 525-540.
Kalipeni, Ezekiel, and Leo Zulu HIV and AIDS in Africa: A Geographic Analysis at Multiple Spatial Scales GeoJournal 74 4 2012, p. 505-524.
Kalipeni, Ezekiel, Linda Semu, and Margaret Asalele Mbilizi The brain drain of health care professionals from sub-Saharan Africa: a geographic perspective Progress in Development Studies (PIDS) 12 2&3 2012, p. 153-172.
Jusrut, Poonam, and Ezekiel Kalipeni The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Gender Differentials in Life Expectancy in Southern Africa GeoJournal 74 4 2012, p. 541-554.
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Moise, Imelda K, Ezekiel Kalipeni, and Leo C. Zulu Analyzing Geographical Access to HIV Sentinel Clinics in Relation to Other Health Clinics in Zambia Journal of Map and Geography Libraries 7 2011, p. 254–281.
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Special Issues of a Journal

Logan, Bernard Ikubolajeh, Francis Owusu, and Ezekiel Kalipeni Beyond the “Post” and Revisionist Discourses in African Development: Exploring Real Solutions to Africa’s Problems. Progress in Development Studies (PIDS) 12 2&3 2012, p. 93-257.
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